What People Are Saying About Us

If you live in Orange County and are thinking about home schooling but are overwhelmed, don’t want to “do it” or “do it alone”, this academy is PERFECT!!! Angela and her staff really care about these kids and bend over backwards to help parents. I didn’t have a CLUE about homeschooling, didn’t want to do it, but my son REALLY was adamant about it, and he and Angela worked together and figured out a great plan for him and made it happen. He was almost 100% in charge of his own education most of high school, he got to pursue courses HE wanted to explore and got a great education.
Katrina W. H.

We really appreciate the way the school provided such a smooth transition to virtual learning. You guys have made it seem effortless although I know it is not! I have greatly appreciated the early and ongoing communication! You guys are amazing!
-Brooke W. and Family

Love, love, love this place! They bring the joy of learning back to kids who have lost and provide a positive environment.
-Nancy H. and Family

Highly recommend! My son has been going to the American Academy of Strategic Education. We have been very impressed with their understanding of our son and the importance of attending to the whole child… They are always evolving and looking for best practices in this very fast paced shifting world. I am so grateful they truly care – not only in words, but actions.
-Kathy C. and Family

American Academy has been so supportive and helpful. I have appreciated the time they have taken to help my son with his education. The teachers are so knowledgeable. My son has enjoyed the classes and clubs and is looking forward to Spanish immersion this school year! We love American Academy!
Yolanda R. and Family

We LOVE this academy! I was new to homeschooling and never thought I would do it until I found this school! They have been so helpful and so attentive to my daughter. I love that I have the flexibility to tailor her learning programs and the teachers here can help her learn and reinforce what she is learning. I highly recommend this academy!
-Shannon K. and Family

We are so grateful for American Academy and the service and education they provide. It’s really hard to find an educational center that will work with you. Thankfully, American Academy was very flexible. As a teacher myself, I really value that American Academy teachers promote higher level thinking skills with things like group discussions, projects, art, and STEM activities that don’t just rely on worksheet after worksheet. The kids always came home excited and I could tell by the things they were talking about that their brains had been very stimulated. Thank you, American Academy, for everything and for being a great service to our family!
-Bethany L. and Family