American Academy of Strategic Education


Why Parents Should Decide What’s Best For Their Children

If your child is unhappy at school, there is no reason to continue doing what you’re doing. You have options and choices. American Academy is a mandate-free, stress-free, flexible alternative to traditional school where parents decide what’s best for their…

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A Message from Our President and Founder

There are simply no words to describe what this past year has brought to all of us. What the world has experienced has been beyond what many of us could’ve ever imagined. However, amid the worldwide pandemic, in which many schools across the US are still boarded up tight, American Academy of Strategic Education remained open to educate children…

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Never Thought You’d Be Homeschooling? Neither Did I…

See how Angela Hansen, founder of American Academy of Strategic Education decided to pull her children out of traditional private school and how it becomes the best decision she’s ever made.

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