2021 Summer Camp Descriptions

#1 June 15 – 24: Wildness Survivor

Wilderness Survivor is a project-based learning activity that requires children to figure out how they can survive in the wilderness. They’re limited to a handful of supplies and resources, so they’ll have to rely on their wits and willingness to problem solve. Students will complete a variety of activities involving issues they must solve, design, create, or research. As students work through problems, they will make decisions and choose the outcomes based on information they learn. By the end, all students will have completed the project, but each version will be based on the creator’s imagination, creativity, and mindset.

#2 June 29 – July 8: Build Your Own Escape Room

Build Your Own Escape Room does just that. It turns students into the game makers! Students get to design and build a 3D ESCAPE ROOM and develop a game simulation where players must solve math problems to escape the room. This project based learning activity focuses on designing using multiple academic elements, using problem solving skills, and collaborating in the classroom. It allows for easy differentiation, so students can work at a pace they will be successful at.

#3 July 13 – 22: Sharks and Marine Wildlife

Get back in the water and save the world! This project integrates the use of elements of research, ELA, science, technology, design, and planning as students learn about sharks from all around the world. Students will work individually or as teams to research, design, create, and solve real-world issues related to these incredible creatures. Enjoy an underwater adventure researching ocean animals, their habitat, diet, features and threats.  Students will create a skit or song, and design a display and a PowerPoint presentation. They will learn why and how to start a petition, organize a beach clean-up. Students will get creative making art from recycled beach trash!

#4 July 27 – August 5: Superhero

Inspired by favorite comic book characters, these superhero science projects, activities, and experiments will encourage heroic scientists! Consider your favorite super heroes’ abilities and their incredible courageous powers. Children will not even realize they are learning various types of science as they explore such as physics for Superman and Magneto, genetics for Spiderman, and robotics for Ironman.

#5 August 10 – 19: SPACE – The Final Frontier

In our space adventure, students will dictate what and how to complete each project based on choices they make, their ability to problem-solve, and their critical thinking skills. Students will use their own creativity and imagination, apply prior knowledge, think critically, practice organizational skills, and work collaboratively with their classmates using real-world applications. Students will not realize they are learning science, art, engineering, geometry, math, architectural design, geometry, math facts, or writing (ELA) while solving real-world issues and problems.

#6 August 24 – September 2: Entrepreneur Theme Park (or Restaurant) Business Plan

An all-time favorite project for all students! This project integrates elements of imagination, technology, math, problem solving, design, and planning as students create their own theme park business. Students will be required to explore, research, and learn to use new and innovative technology. There is lots of great math involved as well as entrepreneurship, art and writing.