High school Program (Scholar)

The goal of American Academy’s Scholar program is to support our students in completing their graduation requirements. Students enjoy attending classes, meeting new friends, and studying in a comfortable academic and social environment. American Academy provides teacher support, private tutoring, and weekly accountability to help students make steady progression toward graduation. Additionally, students learn important written and oral communication skills as well as important basic life skills. Our supportive learning environment fosters critical thinking, boosts confidence, builds mutual respect that will benefit your student for years to come, and prepares students for advanced academic and professional futures. Students who complete our Scholar program do so prepared for graduation and life.

Learning how to write for the real-world is imperative. Students learn to write personally and professionally. Students practice and refine the writing process including discussion, research, drafting, revision, and final drafts. Students properly research and correctly cite their work, and utilize proper writing format (MLA). Students sharpen their ability to articulate and defend positions, consider different points of view, and enlist and evaluate evidence. They learn to quickly and effectively interpret a prompt, take a position, then articulate that position in writing.

Topics covered:

• Refine foundational writing knowledge & skills

• Practice the writing process from beginning to end

• Academic essay writing, including: descriptive, analytical, persuasive, critical, argumentative, expository, and narrative

• Business writing, including: informational, instructional, persuasive, and transactional

• Real-world writing, including: resumes, cover letters, college entrance essays, social media posts, thank you letters, and topics of personal interest

• Project management skills, including: work prioritization, create and manage schedules, meet deadlines, to-do list, etc.

• Positive and productive peer-to-peer discussions

• Public speaking and positive, productive discussions

Nutrition, managing emotions and impulses, time management, establishing routines, organization, prioritization, personal safety, coping with stress, decision-making, problem-solving, goal-setting, communicating with others, developing and maintaining meaningful relationships, consumerism, and citizenship.

Students benefit all-around from developing strong writing skills and learning healthy lifestyles and independent living.