PE Program

PE_Main_01Introducing Rhinos Athletic Academy, American Academy’s recommended PE program. Rhinos Academy is a high-performance athletic training facility that is offering our students a special homeschool PE program.  Rhinos Academy will pick up and drop off students at American Academy on Mondays and /or Wednesdays, 1:45p-4:45p.

About Rhinos Athletic Academy

The Rhinos Athletic Academy was founded in 2014 with the purpose of bringing a high-quality athletic development program to youth, which focuses on strength, conditioning, speed, agility, and coordination. The goal of the program is to build confidence and self-assurance. The Rhinos Athletic Academy is part of a more comprehensive program that includes the Rhinos Rugby and Football Academy, and therefore leverages the knowledge and expertise of professional staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and regular monitoring and tracking of athlete’s progress with constant adjustments based on results.
*The Rhinos Academy is an approved vendor for most charter schools.

What is the Curriculum?

The Athletic curriculum uses up-to-date research and data to customize the workouts for each athlete, depending on their level and abilities. The program caters to all levels, and follows several steps as outlined below:

1. Evaluation, which becomes the baseline for the program
2. Goal Setting
3. Program customization based on baseline and goals
4. Monitoring and tracking of progress
5. Program adjustment based on results
6. Re-evaluation against goals

The Academy teaches and encourages students to develop core values in sports and in life such as respect, honor, discipline, integrity, teamwork and accountability.

Workouts and Progress

Daily workouts include strength, conditioning, speed, agility and coordination. The workouts vary in types of exercises and intensity, depending as well on the level of athleticism of the student. Before athletic development goals are set for your child, we test their current physical abilities and assess their baseline body composition. We use this data to help us create an individualized training program. Athlete’s data is also tracked at every workout. Athletes will receive regular progress reports weekly. If the student comes 2+ times/week, there would be a weekly report available as well.

Transport, Pick-up, Drop-Off 

The safety of the athletes our highest priority and therefore our vans are Mercedes Sprinters, and our drivers have current B license, that allows them to transport passengers. We will pick your child up at 1:45p and drop him/her off at 4:45p at American Academy in Mission Viejo.

Pricing and Registration Process

Option A: Using Charter School Funds
1. First session is a free trial. All students need to arrive with the signed Liability Waiver.

2. Choose a plan:
a. $50/month for once/week
b. $100/month for twice/week
c. $200/month for 3+ times/week

3. Submit Order Request to Charter School for the plan above, for up to 3 months. (Ask which charter schools we are affiliated with.)

4. Bring in or email the Purchase Order Request to Rhinos Academy when your student starts the membership. Rhinos Academy’s email:

5. You will be notified two weeks in advance of membership expiration, to submit a new Order Request if your student wishes to continue.

*Download Rhinos Academy Liability Waiver (PDF)

Option B: Register Online

Register online for any of the plans:

The only kit available to American Academy students is the $150 Kit. It includes a training heart monitor, workout tee-shirt, and shorts. If you don’t want to purchase a kit, select “Financial Aid” to bypass being required to purchase one and use code: RRA-NO150KIT

*Download Rhinos Academy Liability Waiver (PDF)


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