Kidspot (Grades TK-1)

Activity-based, developmental program suitable for Grades TK-1

Our Kidspot (Grades TK/K) and Kidspot+ (Grade 1) activities are designed to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure that your child becomes a happy and confident individual. Research shows that children experience genuine and natural learning when they are having fun. Our play-based, project-based curriculum offers science laboratory experiments, music, P.E. activities, arts and crafts, reading stories, dress-up, STEAM, and many culturally rich activities.

Our four core values are taught through active play and hands-on activities and projects:

Kidspot offers high-quality schooling support to students’ ages 5-7 years (Grades TK-1) up to 5 days a week. We provide a safe and nurturing environment while promoting social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

Students develop literacy and math skills through purposeful, planned learning experiences. We provide students with meaningful opportunities to learn from their teachers and from interactions with their classmates. Teachers adapt each concept presentation to ensure each lesson meets all the children’s developmental levels and educational needs. Because of our excellent adults and students ratio, teachers are able to build on what each student already knows and adjusts the lesson plans to each child’s level.

We provide:
  • Frequent, positive, warm interactions
  • Planned learning activities appropriate to children’s age and development
  • Many varied age-appropriate materials
  • A healthy and safe environment for children

Daily Schedule:

Arrival: open play
Large group activities to promote character development
Clean up, wash hands, snack, open play

Individual learning stations: Math, Science, and Writing
Personal interest stations & small group activities to promote teamwork skills
Clean up, wash hands, snack, open play

Enrichment activities: read aloud, music, P.E activities, crafts, painting, reading stories, dress-up, STEAM, and many culturally rich activities.

Clean up, pack up, dismiss

Cost & Fees: 

American Academy of Strategic Education is an independent private learning academy offering affordable payment options. Fees due with application completely fund your child’s education. We do not solicit additional funds, nor do we require any donation of time or service.


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