Language Intensive Classes

World-Language Intensive Classes web_mand_boy

World Language Intensive Classes offer a rich bilingual experience for students when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language. In class, our world-language teacher speaks only in that language and communicates using a wide range of engaging strategies including pictures, songs, games, body language, expressions, and pantomime. Students will also be encouraged to speak only in the world language during that portion of the day. You will be delighted how quickly your child becomes a comfortable and competent speaker of Mandarin or Spanish.

Who Can Participate ?

Grades K-8 students of varying backgrounds and abilities – students with no previous experience in the new language all the way up to advanced proficiency in the new language.

American Academy offers a separate Beginning 1 program designed specifically for grades K-3 students and Beginning 2 is grades 4-5. We also have Intermediate and Advanced classes (for grades 4-8) which are based primarily on Mandarin/Spanish speaking ability and not so much age.

What Makes Our Language Intensive Classes So Successful?

Students focus on expanding vocabulary, improving grammar, reading, math, science experiments, world culture, geography, and exploring career options and planning for their future– all at a fast pace, all in a second language. Students will also create advanced projects that include music, writing, and translating into the new language.