Electives & Field Trips


Our Enrichment Lab has taken project-based learning and exploration to a whole new level! Our Enrichment Lab provides an active and innovative environment for students to apply their project and work-based learning in a fun and practical way.


Spring 2020: World Passport Fridays
Travel around the world with our Enrichment Lab every Friday! We are exploring a new country each week.

  • International Cuisine
  • Performing Arts
  • World Games
  • Innovations & World Businesses
  • A Night at the Museum
  • Plus: Art and Deconstruction & Unbuilding

EL002  field_trips

First Friday of the Month Field Trips
*Available for all Friday students and Inspire 2-Day Program Students and their families.

– Farms, Gardens, and Arboretums
– Science Museums and Discovery Centers
– Theme Parks and Aquariums
– Zoos, Sanctuaries, and Animal Preserves  IMG_0738 copy
– Heritage and Historical Parks
– Ecology, Planetariums, and Nature Centers
– Activity Centers and Children’s Museums
– Cultural Centers and Art Galleries
– Space, Aviation, and Maritime Museums


Upcoming Field Trips: To Be Announced


To Sign up, please visit our Field Trip Signup page or contact one of your teachers at the academy or email to admissions@american-academy.org

Apr 17, 2020
Earth Day Virtual Field Trip
May 1, 2020
iFLY (Cancelled)
Jun 3, 2020
Badlands & Crown Valley Swim Pool (Ca


  • Field Trips details are subject to change without prior notification.
  • Electives are selected for each semester based on student interest and weekly class schedule. Not all Electives listed above are offered throughout the year.