Dyslexia Learning Group

dys_001Introducing Dyslexia Learning Group at American Academy. We use teaching methods that are based on the highly structured diagnostic and prescriptive Orton–Gillingham approach.

“Multisensory” Approach

American Academy uses a “multisensory” approach to teach our students. We are able to help them overcome dyslexia by using many different senses to help students make connections between sounds, letters, and words.

“Segmented” Learning

Our instructor breaks down learning to read into concrete skills. These include connecting letters to sounds and blending sounds into words. Students master one skill before moving on to the next. Along with teaching students to read the words, the program also focuses on understanding content. It does that by using imagery. This strategy develops a concrete connection between words and images. It can help students Find meaning in text and remember what they have read.


Comprehensive Education

American Academy can administer a comprehensive evaluation. These include reading, comprehension and math and then create an individualized learning plan. This plan includes how many instruction hours the student will need to reach learning goals. It also outlines the specific types of instruction the student will need.

Tuition and Fees


To learn more, please call (949) 371-5785 or email us to info@american-academy.org