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American Academy’s Club Hub – social and academic student-led clubs provide excellent opportunities for students to develop their verbal communication skills, develop their leadership talents, apply their cross-curricular knowledge, and make real-world connections. Students are guided by a 16 to 18-week agenda to meet weekly goals that help them create an end-of-semester culminating club project. We welcome students to join as many or as few clubs as they like.


Robotics Club
The purpose of the Robotics Club is to give members an opportunity to work in a spirit of collaboration and friendly competition to apply their STEAM knowledge in an effort to solve real-world problems using computer-controlled robotic systems. Members will consider both human component and use of technology. Members will create a culminating event to demonstrate what they have been working on throughout the semester such as a battle-bots competition, robotic demonstrations or mock-demonstrations based on creative technology ideas.

Drama Club
The purpose of the Drama Club is to learn together about scripts, casting, acting, stage work, and live performance production, and to work together to create a culminating event such as a play, variety show, comedy show, musical, or filmed production to share with our community.

fashionFashion & Costume Design Club
The purpose of the Fashion & Costume Design Club is to share ideas in fashion design, pattern-making, garment construction, performance costume production and to plan and carry out a culminating event such as a fashion show, a performance production, a media campaign, or a filmed production based on their club experiences.

legoThe Lego Club
The goal of the Lego Club is for members to inspire one another by sharing construction ideas and to design engineering challenges for one another.  Members will also work together to create a culminating event such as a Lego engineering competition, a construction display event, or a filmed production depicting some element that the team finds relevant to the Lego Club such as a reenactment or stop motion animation.

historyTime Travelers History Club
The purpose of the Time Travelers History Club is to connect students that have an interest in history and provide a fun environment where members can discuss important historical events, share their love of history, debunk historical myths, and create a culminating event related to history such as a Kahootz historical tournament, a historical display, historical reenactment, or host a historical guest speaker, a historical awareness event, or historical movie event.

minecraftThe Minecraft Club
The objective of the Minecraft Club is to create a space to hang out together socially and play mini-games; start a Minecraft library book club where players can share tips and tricks in Minecraft, their favorite parts of the game, or new code; create and share challenges; help club members to level up their expertise with treasure hunts, mini-games, build challenges or themed events. Member will create a culminating event such as a club tournament, a Minecraft evening to demonstrate new worlds or share collaborative Minecraft library books that member have created.

entrepEntrepreneurial Club
The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Club is to provide an opportunity for students to network and share ideas, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and help students cultivate and develop their own ideas, and to equip members for the challenges they will face in the world. Members will create a culminating event such as starting their own business (such as a neighborhood lemonade stand, all-natural doggie treats, or online used book sales), designing and developing a website for a business, or hosting a business fair.

inventorInventors Club
The goal of the Inventors Club is to support students to in their exploratory efforts as they work toward becoming inventors. Students will have the opportunity to make projects using the tools and materials from the OCHSC Student Workshop. Members will share a hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering, and math while creating their individual or group culminating projects.

photographyPhotography Club
The aim of the Photography Club is to promote creativity through photography, to share and critique peers photographs, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography among club members. Club members will create a culminating project such as a photograph display event, a photomontage to share with our community, personal photo albums, or a media campaign.

mad_scientistThe Mad Scientist Club
The purpose of the Mad Scientist Club is to promote enthusiasm for all things science. Areas that students might explore together are laboratory experiments, motors, circuits, rockets, electricity, geography, geology, plants, astronomy, animals, and weird science. Students will determine the direction of the club and create a culminating event to demonstrate what their club has been involved with over the semester.

chessChess & Strategic Games Club
The purpose of the Chess Club is to foster increased interest, participation, and enjoyment of the game of chess. Members will have an opportunity to play friendly or competitive games to improve their chess skills in a recreational setting. Members will have fun making friends, playing to win, and improving their sportsmanship skills. Club members will host a culminating event such as a chess tournament, chess instructional event with guest Chess Masters, or attend a sanctioned tournament.

digital_designDigital Design Club
The purpose of the Digital Design Club is to offer a creative platform where members can interact and cooperate to solve problems through digital design. Members will build friendships with other club members while sharing their inspiring individual artistry.  Club members might decide to explore areas of digital design such as visual identities, posters, websites, game design, and motion graphics. Club members will create a culminating project or event to display what their club has worked on during the semester such as helping design the OCHSC’s new mascot, entering artwork into local art contests, media campaigns, or an event displaying their work.

filmmakingFilmmaking Club
The purpose of the Filmmaking Club is to gather together students with different talents and abilities to produce a film that might be entertaining, inspiring, or educational. The club will have an opportunity to work as a team to create the final film production.

math_ninjaNumber Ninjas Math Club
The purpose of our Math Club is for members to have fun engaging in competitive and intellectual mathematical-related activities. It will provide members opportunities to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of math.  Members will enjoy math as an art, full of creativity, and not just a set of rules or guidelines. The math club members will meet new people and develop leadership and teamwork skills. The club members will create a culminating event that will demonstrate what their group has been working on throughout the semester.

literatureLiterature Club
The purpose of our Literature Club is to support member’s interest in reading literature and to encourage members to become independent learners and critical thinkers.  Member will act as a support to each other by providing insight and perspective, and working in collaboration to understand a variety of literature genres. Club members will host a culminating event such as a read-a-thon, a reenactment of particular scenes from books that members have read, hosting a guest author/book signing event, or sponsor a “favorite characters” day.

braingamesThe Brain Games Club
The purpose of the Brain Games Club is for members to make new friends while playing a variety of engaging and challenging brain games including board games, chess, backgammon, riddles, puzzles, and electronic games. Club members will host a culminating event to share what they have pursued as a club throughout the semester such as a game or puzzle tournament, a mock TV game show, or Kahootz game challenge.

PE_Games-ClubPE Games (Physical Games) Clubs
Physical Education is important for our mind and body.  Club members will participate in standards-based PE games. The club’s library of PE Games will provide students with great activities to choose from that will get their minds and bodies moving. Ideas include Invasion Games such as broomstick hockey, Net and Wall games such as ping pong, Striking and Fielding games such as beanbag baseball, Target Games such as mini golf, Chasing and Fleeing games, Cooperation Games, and Health and Fitness education games.

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*Clubs are selected for each semester based on student interest and weekly schedule. Not all Clubs listed above are offered throughout the year.