International Home Study


American Academy Home Study Program is changing education.

American Academy students are trained to become natural English language speakers. Our curriculum is engineered to give students the academic advantage over their peers.

Designed for International students in Jr. High and High school, this supplementary academic program is taught online in the English language and prepares students to pursue a higher education studying abroad in an English speaking High School or University.

American Academy students will experience increased understanding of the English language, improved standardized testing, more motivated attitudes to improve, and better overall success in school.

For Jr. High School Students

At their own pace, students will study science, mathematics, and history/geography in the English language that are similar in content to what they are studying in their native language.  Students will also study the English language in great depth. This parallel language learning process prepares students to attend English language senior high school and continue in English language universities.

Our specialized program adapts core educational experiences to the learner, and personalizes instruction to address students’ individual and unique learning styles.  The program consists of weekly, in-depth group lessons with a professional English-speaking teacher at close and convenient locations; self-paced, online lessons; projects that are based in science, engineering, entrepreneurialism, technology, arts, and mathematics. Our teachers give personalized attention to every learner, integrating a variety of tools to engage student learning and content mastery. Every student receives individualized time-efficient instruction without repetitive, remedial tasks that impede their learning.

For High School Students

Students will complete their English language education by earning an American Academy High School diploma. American Academy’s Home Study curriculum prepares students to apply to American universities, especially much sought after spots in California Universities. Students will learn all core subjects in English consistent with the content in students’ native school. In addition to our University of California A-G approved program*, students will also take many AP classes. All of our AP courses are American Standards based, fully approved and accredited by College Board*.

When enrolled in our High School Home Study Program, students will study three hours a day and four days a week in the convenience of their own schedule at a nearby American Academy Training Institute. A professional English-speaking teacher will be on site to provide a personalized assistance and guidance to students. This parallel language learning process allows students to naturally comprehended each course of subject in both languages and helps them later succeeded in English language universities.

Our courses are adaptive and can identify specific gaps in students’ core foundational knowledge. We customized personal instruction to fill in those holes with the exact pieces of instruction missing in the students’ background, enabling them to succeed and move forward in their education, and to ultimately achieve their life goals.

*For more information on AP courses, please go to (Coming soon)

*For more information on A-G subject requirements, please go to (Coming soon)


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