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Independent Learning Periods (45 minutes)
Each Learning Period consists of 45 minutes of focused, independent academic study time and 15 minutes of social, interactive, creative exploration free-time. Academic study time allows students to work quietly on academic content with the support and supervision of a certified teacher.  Students can use our accredited curriculum or they can bring their own.

Free-time Activities (15 minutes)
Free-time activities consists of playing games such as Ping-Pong, chess, or board games, reading books, robotics, creating, inventing, and making projects using the tools and materials from Student Workshop.

Our Accredited Curriculum or Yours…

We think we have found the most perfect curriculum for homeschool students… but we understand that you might have also. We encourage students to study the curriculum of his/her choice in our center.  Your student has the flexibility to study any subject with any emphasis you desire be it secular or religious, online or in books, student-directed or teacher-led, Socratic or eclectic… Our teachers give personalized attention to every learner, integrating a variety of tools to engage student learning to help each student master their learning material. All students study independently and socialize collectively.

Our Accredited Curriculum:

Our highly-acclaimed, accredited curriculum is engineered to give students the academic advantage over their peers.

Accredited Academic Core Subjects at All Levels (Grades 3 to 12)
At their own pace, students will study various core subjects with our special online teaching system in English, Science, Mathematics, History/Geography, and more. Our specialized program adapts core educational experiences to the learner, and personalizes instruction to address students’ individual and unique learning styles.   Every student receives individualized time-efficient instruction without repetitive, remedial tasks that impede their learning.  At high-school level, students will have the opportunities to enroll in our UC/CSU A-G approved program as well as many of AP classes. All of our AP courses fully approved and accredited by College Board.

*Curriculum provides a neutral framework for religious/non-religious learning that aligns with national standards.

An Adaptive, Fully Accredited, and Personalized Educational Experience
Our courses are adaptive and can identify specific gaps in students’ core foundational knowledge. We customize personal instruction to fill in the gaps from their previous academics, enabling students to succeed and move forward in their education, and to ultimately achieve their academic and professional goals.

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