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What makes our after-school classes distinctive:

  • Our student-centered, interdisciplinary classes are project-based and provide a real-world approach to learning.
  • Students are dynamically grouped by interest or ability for each project and activity.
  • Significant attention is directed to social development, including teamwork, personal relationships, and self-awareness.
  • We believe that critical thinking is paramount; the days of rote memorization are outdated.

Enrichment Lab offers a variety of excellent class options:

STEAM Class 

This cutting-edge program originated from the need to help students become THINKERS and DOERS.  We infuse technology into every project, giving students opportunities to collaborate, create, and communicate. Our instructors encourage young minds to think and create, and seek to inspire and ignite a passion in youngsters for creativity and self-expression. This class functions as a think tank which encourages both left and right brain thinking and processing. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Tue 3:00pm ~ 4:00pm (2/27~6/5)

Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $40


Boy teenager behind the desk programs Lego robot on the laptop at the Scratch program.
Robotics Class
American Academy’s Robotics class is based on Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy program and research. Students learn to design, program and control fully-functional models and robots that carry out life-like automated tasks. Both semesters will culminate in BattleBot competitions. American Academy uses VEX Robots which help students unlock the power of their imagination by designing and constructing remote-controlled robotic devices that can lift, throw, climb, gather and expand the boundaries of experimental intelligence.  By working together to create robots that perform exciting challenges, students also gain valuable problem-solving and team-building skills.

During Fall Semester students will learn intermediate level programming and STEM Robotics applications. Students will develop 21st century skills through teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration, time management, resource allocation, programming, computational thinking, data-logging, scientific methods, and contextualized mathematics. During Spring Semester students will focus on engineering competencies with programming such as design, iteration, prototype development, design reviews, and project planning. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Tue 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm (2/27~6/5)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $40


Fun with Ukulele
This 14-week course will have you playing ukulele standards and guitar classics within the first lesson.  Students will also learn uke strumming and fingering techniques. All the learnings will lead to 2 recitals in a year. (Suitable for grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Thu 3:00pm ~ 4:00pm (3/01~6/7)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $10

berry cupcakes
Cake Decorating Class

Students will be taught various basic to advanced techniques in decorating cookies and cakes. Some of the projects will include sugar lace, fondant sculpting, fillings, garnishes, as well as 3-D icing. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Fri 3:00pm ~ 4:00pm (3/2~6/8)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $60

Fine art supplies: Three bouquets of drawing and painting tools.

Fine Arts Class

Our professional artists and instructors provide intensive, in-depth art experiences for talented and motivated art students.  Black and white pencil, colored pencil, oil pastels, pastels, acrylic, and watercolor paints will be used throughout the 14-week class session. Each project will be designed to challenge the student and help him/her accomplish their best work. Projects may include ceramics, landscapes, still lives, abstracts, cartoons and self-portraits. Twice yearly the students have the opportunity to formally exhibit their work at the center. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Mon 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm (2/26~6/4)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $60


Digital Arts

Digital Arts is an after-school class designed to offer a variety of technology-based
arts opportunities to students. We will introduce digital photography, graphic
design, and multi-media design. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Mon 5:00pm ~ 6:00pm (2/26~6/4)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $10



Science Lab
Science Lab is an after-school class that provides students an opportunity to meet
the high school science lab requirements. Each week we will explore the empirical
basis of the subject matter, as well as inclusion of a substantial experimental and/or
observational activity. We will cover biology/life sciences, chemistry and physics
because these subjects are preparatory to university-level study in all science-based
disciplines. Students will also learn how to write a complete lab report. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Thu 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm (3/01~6/7)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $60


Web Design
Students learn first-hand how websites are designed and created, discover the principles of successfully designing the UX (user experience), implement creative project planning skills, create beautiful visual art based on strong design principles, gain an understanding of typography on the web, prepare images for the web, problem-solve web projects, structure a website’s content, and ultimately bring their designs to life by creating an interactive website. No prior design or coding experience is necessary.(Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Tue 5:00pm 6:00pm (2/27~6/5)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $10


Theatre Production
American Academy offers a broad spectrum of theatre education that is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the performing arts, while enhancing their theatrical knowledge and skills. Throughout our 14-week course, students will enjoy taking part in all aspects of staging a performance, from acting and singing to choreography and blocking. Students will audition for, and be cast in lead and ensemble roles. Students will also learn and fine-tune intermediate theatre skills including dance routines, character development, stage presence, and scene and partner work. This program culminates in an exciting musical finale. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
Class meets: Mission Viejo – Mon 3:00pm ~ 4:00pm (2/26~6/4)
Tuition: $140 / Semester plus supplies $40


Learn a Foreign Language (Mandarin / Spanish):

We offer foreign language classes in Mandarin and Spanish. Each of these classes will teach students how to communicate effectively with other language speakers, as well as understand the different cultures of each language. (Suitable for students in grades 3-12)
  • Beginning/Intermediate Mandarin (Chinese)
    • Class meets: Mission Viejo – Wed 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm (2/28~6/6)
    • Tuition: $140 / semester plus supplies $10
  • Advanced Immersion Mandarin  (2 hours)
    • Class meets: Mission Viejo – Wed 5:00pm~7:00pm (2/28~6/6)
    • Tuition: $300 / semester plus supplies $20
  • Beginning Spanish
    • Class meets: Mission Viejo – Wed 3:00pm~4:00pm (2/28~6/6)
    • Tuition: $140 / semester plus supplies $10


1. One (1) hour per class session per week (for 14 weeks). Except for Adv. Mandarin class.
2. The tuition and fees listed are subject to change.

Last update: February 2018

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