• Business and Innovation Focused Private High School

American Academy of Business and Technology is a private, international American high school for grades 9-12 taught in the English language that leads to an American high school diploma. Learn More.

  • Homeschool Study Center (OCHSC)

A self-paced and self-explored study center uniquely designed for homeschoolers from grade 3~12. Our Homeschool Center opens its first location in Orange County, California. Orange County Homeschool Study Center (OCHSC) provides a fun, safe, and innovative environment for students to engage in social activities, as well as learn their academic core subject courses with the help of our rigorous curriculum. Learn More.

  • International Home Study Program

Designed for International students in Jr. High and High school, this supplementary academic program is taught online in the English language and prepares students to pursue a higher education studying abroad in an English speaking High School or University.  Learn More.

  • Summer Cultural & Language Program

Discover American Culture and Language. Our intensive Summer Program is a thrilling and stimulating 3-week educational and social course designed to introduce foreign students to the American way of life. We invite all Home Study students as well as all foreign incoming Freshmen students to attend this exciting program each summer. Learn More.

  • Rigorous Academics

American Academy provides a distinctive path to success by offering courses to help assure students acceptance into top-ranking universities though our A-G approved AP courses, distinctive Entrepreneurial Certification Program, and our Applied Learning Courses.

  • Planned Internships

American Academy prepares our students to make a difference in their professional careers, by participating in carefully planned internships in local community businesses. Internships will begin during the students’ junior year and continue to completion during their senior year. Students will complete over 80 hours of work in a professional setting aligned with the student’s career interest. Through our partnerships with local and community businesses, students will develop a network of professional mentor partnerships in the fields of technology, medicine, education, legal, architecture, arts, and others.

  • Co-Curricular Activities

We believe it is important for students to be well rounded. Therefore in addition to our academics and internships, American Academy will have competitive athletic and academic teams, activities, and clubs in addition to our many Applied Learning Classes that will provide enrichment opportunities such as Robotics, Unban Workshop, International Cuisine, Java Programming, International Debate, and more.

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