GRADES 4 – 8

American Academy of Strategic Education was created to support parents in educating their children the way they feel is best. Parents, teachers, and students collaborate to design the child’s learning plan. Children experience learning that is targeted to their particular needs in our small classes with qualified teachers and at home through an individualized independent study curriculum. Children attend American Academy two academic days and one elective day per week. We also offer monthly field trips for the entire family.

Our Academy program is divided by age and ability level into Essential Discourse 2 and Essential Discourse 3.

Learning needs continue to change from child to child and so too must our approach to their education. Students continue to enjoy developing more advanced research skills and discussing ideas and concepts at a more profound level. We have found that students become deeply engaged in their learning when they have options on the projects that they choose. Students experience increasing autonomy in their core-subject projects by creating and designing entire projects based on rubric criteria. Students also assess their own projects through a self-reflection period post project completion. It continues to be important for students to learn new concepts at each child’s ability level and style. We continue to adjust children’s independent study plan to ensure low-stress levels, and to ensure that they do not experience foundational knowledge gaps.

Students spend one period each day working on their independent study curriculum with teacher’s supervision. Students also enjoy Life Skill classes, P.E., recess, and a variety of social and academic clubs. Academy students continue to work on independent study one to two periods per day at home on the days they are not at the academy.