Our Kidspot and Kidspot+ program offers high-quality academic educational activities that are designed to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure that your child becomes a happy and confident individual. Research shows that children experience genuine and natural learning when they are having fun.

American Academy’s educational philosophy places great importance on the success and well-being of each child. We provide a safe and nurturing environment while promoting social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development. We provide students with meaningful opportunities to learn from their teachers and from interactions with their classmates.

Our Four Pillars of Learning approach addresses both the cognitive and emotional dimensions. Children are exposed to a wide variety, and high frequency learning opportunities in all modalities. Students develop literacy and math skills through purposeful, planned learning experiences. Children and teachers work together from the very first day to promote a solid reading, writing, and numbers foundation. Students participate in science laboratory experiments, music, P.E. activities, arts and crafts, reading stories, dress-up, STEAM, and many culturally rich activities. Additionally, our Kidspot students use play to make discoveries, practice making decisions, solve problems, and reach conclusions.

Our curriculum is aligned to the California State Standards which we have also upgraded and strengthened beyond the Standards our social studies, reading, writing and math materials to correspond to our new higher standards. Teachers adapt each concept presentation to ensure each lesson meets all the children’s developmental levels and educational needs. Because of our excellent instructor to student ratio, teachers are able to build on what each student already knows and adjust the lesson plans to each child’s level.

Early intervention strategies are an important tool in kindergarten. Teachers and support staff carefully analyze any learning difficulties that may surface and provide differentiated instruction. A concluding goal of American Academy’s Kidspot program is that each child will be engaged in the joy of learning, enjoy daily hands-on experiences, and be equipped with the confidence, enthusiasm and skills needed for a positive school experience.