Our Academy Explorers program offers an high-quality academic and meaningful social experiences aimed at helping your child continue to become confident learners as they transition into middle school. We offer a safe and welcoming environment in which we help children and youth excel socially, mentally, emotionally and physically while taking on more responsibilities with academic work as well as being able to explore campus leadership opportunities. 

Based on our Four Pillars of Learning, middle school students learn from subject matter experts for foundational knowledge acquisition; engage in customized, independent guided study to accommodate their precise learning pace and level; learn real-world competency in our Life Skills classes; collaborate with classmates on projects aligned to our field excursions and expert guest lectures; and have many opportunities to apply their learning through our specialized STEAM electives curriculum, and social and academic clubs.

Our students receive instruction that is catered to their specific needs and interest and are aligned to the California State Standards which we have reinforced and increased beyond the State guidelines for literature, writing, math and history.”