Our Bridge and Bridge+ programs offer a comprehensive, high-quality academic education designed to help your child grow into a confident life-long learner. We offer a secure and welcoming environment where we promote social, mental, emotional, and physical advancement.

Our students experience great academic growth in the Bridge program. Children who were previously very concrete thinkers are steadily becoming more open to the abstract. American Academy’s educational philosophy emphasizes the significance of the child’s victories in achieving success based on the child’s customized learning plan.

Students work closely with their teacher to master fundamental core subjects through our Four Pillars of Learning. With the teacher’s guidance, students have the opportunity to learn using their preferred learning style. Students learn foundational knowledge; engage in customized, independent guided study to accommodate their precise learning pace and level; master real-world competencies in our Life Skills classes; and begin to collaborate with classmates on projects aligned to our field excursions and expert guest lectures. Students will also have many opportunities to apply their learning through our specialized STEAM electives curriculum, and social and academic clubs.

Our educational programs are aligned to the California State Guidelines and we have reinforced and increased beyond the State Standards our literature, writing, math and social studies to our modern higher measures. A final objective of American Academy’s Bridge program is that each child will have daily meaningful learning experience; be deeply invested in their own education; and be given the confidence, enthusiasm, and skills necessary to continue to succeed on their academic journey.