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Upcoming Virtual Field Trip – 12/02
“Skydiving Virtual Field Trip with Cindi Bagley!”

Our guest Cindi Bagley is a certified skydive instructor and a member of the International Sky Diving Museum and Hall of Fame. She will talk to students about what it’s like to fly, the amazing places she has skydiver, and physics concepts like terminal velocity. 

About Our Host – Mrs. Cindi Bagley

Lucinda (Cindi) Bagley made her first jump at the Utah Sky Ranch Parachute Center on Sunday, October 13, 1985. Jumping out of that airplane proved to be a pivotal, life-changing event that forever influenced the course of her life. With guidance from her instructor, Larry Bagley, she successfully completed her first static line jump under a Para Commander. The original plan was to jump once, cross it off her bucket list, and move on to the next adventure. Little did she know that jump would define her life’s journey; introduce her to the love of her life; offer worldwide travel adventures and provide happiness and joy beyond measure. Professionally, Cindi started working at the Utah Sky Ranch Parachute Center packing parachutes, manifesting loads, videotaping students, and managing the finances/bookkeeping. In 1988, she received her AFF instructor certification.

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020
9:30a – 10:30a (ages 5+)

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