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Upcoming Virtual Field Trip – 12/11
“Coding Field Trip: Using Code to Make Games!”

You may have heard – There is an app for that. The apps that we use have helped with communication, productivity, and entertainment – just to name a few. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know the behind the scenes of how an app or game is developed? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how to code? Then you’ll want to definitely attend this virtual field trip on Friday’s December 11th presented by Oceano J. Marshall and hosted by American Academy of Strategic Education.

Coding is a method of communicating with a computer. It is using a language that an electronic device understands to give it instructions in order to perform specific tasks. Coding allows us to create things such as computer software, websites, apps and video games.

About Our Host – Mr. Oceano J. Marshall

Mr. Marshall currently works at Nintendo and is responsible for many aspects of promoting Nintendo’s brand and helping its customers. Mr. Marshall will present coding languages, real world applications, and how coding is fun and easy for all ages. Join the virtual field trip to see how coding can change your view of technology.

Friday, December 11th, 2020
10:00a – 10:50a (ages 5-7)
11:00p – 12:00p (ages 8+)

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