Community Ambassador Program

Do you want to know how you could make a difference in your community?

Community Ambassador program provides an opportunity for individuals to make a difference in the community, while also helping our academy grow. Many of those in the community are looking for alternatives to the traditional public school, private school, or homeschool path, but don’t know where to begin. That’s where you come in! Community Ambassadors inform others of the alternative educational program option that American Academy offers.

We believe that many people in the community will benefit from our flexible and innovative programs, but we just need to let them know that this educational option exists for their children. As a Community Ambassador, we do know your time is valuable, and we appreciate your help, so we want to offer you $250 in tuition credit that you can use at our academy per each student who enrolls two (2) or more days from your referral. We look forward to working with all our Community Ambassadors and being able to reach out to our community!

Sign up to become one of our Community Ambassadors:

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