Inspire 2-Day Program

Inspire Charter Schools 2-Day Program 

American Academy of Strategic Education is an approved vendor by Inspire Charter Schools to provide an innovative and modern educational enrichment program, where we foster student’s curiosity in a fun and safe environment. With this special 2-day program, Inspire students come to American Academy twice a week on the day of their choices. 

American Academy is a full-service learning academy that offers classes that are aligned to meet the state/federal standards. Our 2-Day Programs include our Essential Discourse Program which covers all core subjects in a project- and discussion-based manner; our Pathways Program which is our CTE— career- and technology-based program; our World Language Program covering Mandarin, Spanish, and French in a project- and immersion-based manner; our Kidspot Program which is a play-based program for our youngest students; and our Enrichment Lab Program which is our CTE Electives Program. We also offer theme-based clubs; private and group tutoring; field trips; and a wide variety of social activities for students K-12.

All of our programs also offer an optional technology-based core subject academic curriculum that is highly adaptable and extremely robust to meet the rigor and pace of each individual. These classes are offered at the student’s exact ability level ranging from grade-level to AP, A-G, Honors, and Advanced. 

Two-day programs are offered Monday through Friday, and students can choose to attend 8:00AM–2:00 PM or 9:00AM–3:00 PM.

Classes, Clubs, Field Trips, Tutoring, Language Arts, Literature, Math, Music, Science, Foreign Language, Mandarin, Spanish, Entrepreneurialism, Archeology, Cooking and Culinary Arts, Photography, Fine Art, Chess, Computer Graphics, Engineering, Robotics, Home Economics, Theater, Marine Biology, Speech and Debate, Myology, Role Play Groups, Astronomy, Crafting, Story Writing, Fashion Design, and more.

To learn more about Inspire 2-Day Program at American Academy, please call (949) 371-5785 or sign up here.