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Come See Us at the Irvine Global Village Festival this Saturday at the O.C. Great Park

American Academy of Strategic Education will be presented this Saturday (10/12) at this year’s Irvine Global Village Festival. Our exhibition booth will be locating inside the Kids Village at booth #57 where most of the kids’ activities will be hosted.

To celebrate the launch of our Mandarin Immersion program this Fall, children who visit our booth will enjoy building and coloring their own miniature dragon puppets.

Parents who visit our booth will get an opportunity to meet our teachers and the academy directors. In addition, all visitors who stop by our booth can enter a draw for a pair of movie tickets every hour throughout the day of the event.

Tickets to Irvine Global Village Festival are $5 per day, per person for those ages 3 and older. A $20 Family Pass offers one-day admission for up to six people. Tickets are on sale now at

Parking is free, but premier parking closer to the festival site will be available for $10 on-site (cash only).

The Orange County Great Park is at 8000 Great Park Blvd., Irvine.

To learn more about Irvine Global Village Festival, please click here.


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Why Homeschool Your Child?

“Even though the U.S. spends more money per student in relation to other countries on education, it does not translate to students performing better.”

A new haircut, book bag, and binder are but a few items to get before going back to school. The excitement is in the air. The smell of all new things creates a buzz. New friends, new topics, and new experiences await children. While some students will attend traditional brick-and-mortar schools, there has been an increase in educational alternatives such as homeschooling, which offer other children a paradigm shift in learning. In essence, children who are homeschooled have new possibilities that await them with greater parental involvement and a close-nit social network over their traditional schooled peers.

There are a variety of reasons parents choose the path of homeschooling over traditional schooling. Some of which are academic performance; social, emotional, and psychological development; and success in the “real world.” No matter the reason, parents as the primary educator create a systemic relationship in a child’s educational journey while being homeschooled.

With the increase of social pressure, school related environmental risks, and a decline in student achievement, parents have become proactive in setting the pace for their child’s future. According to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), in 2016 out of 34 countries the U.S. ranked:

  • 27th in mathematics
  • 17th in reading
  • 20th in science

Many feel the education system in the U.S. is trailing behind other developed countries. In addition, some feel that teachers are not on the same level of respect as other developed countries. The public perception of teachers must change. Other developed countries have a “bottom up” approach to policy building where most of the decisions are left for individual schools and teachers. Such is the case in Finland. The U.S. consistently performs near the middle.

Even though the U.S. spends more money per student in relation to other countries on education, it does not translate to students performing better. Parents have noticed the trend and have taken a grassroots approach to ensuring their child is successful based on their child’s needs.

Who else knows their child better than a parent? Parents are able to provide an environment conducive to learning. Parents are able to provide moral instruction building a child’s character. Parents are able to provide a nontraditional approach to learning because they understand their child’s learning style. In essence, parents take great pride in being their child’s primary educator. No wonder there has been an increase in children being homeschooled.

While parents are the primary educator for their children, they are aware that it is necessary for assistance. It takes a village has a humble approach to having a balanced life. There are a variety of resources for parents to take advantage of to help their child. Museums, athletic clubs, fine art classes, tutors, and academic institutions like American Academy of Strategic Education have provided parents greater opportunities to help holistically educate their child.

Finding the right program that best meets the child’s needs may seem daunting. However, parents are able to be proactive in asking the right questions when selecting a program that brings out the best in their child. Finding unique programs that are innovative and have an established reputation is a steppingstone. Next, finding a program that is the best fit provides parents opportunities for a child to grow. Knowing what subjects are offered and the flexibility of the program provides options for children and their parents. Parents are encouraged to ask for tours to visit the facilities with their child, meet the director, and learn more about the program. Understanding how a day is structured, what subjects are taught on which days, and what type of coursework (i.e. project-based and/or technology integration) are but a few questions parents can ask about the program. Last, looking towards your local charter school to subsidize the program is a wonderful way to tap into resources.

Programs, like American Academy of Strategic Education, provide individualized learning. If a child learns quickly, he or she may proceed ahead. Having the opportunity for a child to learn at his or her level is one of the greatest advantages of homeschooling. Likewise, if a child does not learn quickly, having the flexibility to slow down and check for understanding without social pressure is a plus.

Unfortunately, this is not always an option in traditional schools. Furthermore, academies like American Academy provide real-world project-based learning and problem solving. The opportunity for students to apply their academic learning through collaborating with their classmates provides greater chances for deeper understanding.

Parents are seeking the long game. They may ask themselves, “What do I need to do to help my child get into a good college?” Research suggests that college students who were previously homeschooled successfully integrate socially and excel at academics. Almost every college or university has policies for homeschool admissions. In the past, homeschooled students have had to take the GED to enter into secondary education. However, this is not the case anymore. Most colleges and universities are homeschool-friendly and, in some cases, favor those who have been homeschooled. Furthermore, when parents partner with a charter school to help meet their child’s needs, the charter school will not only provide approved vendors like American Academy, but a homeschool teacher who is credentialed to collect student work samples and submit to the charter school to show evidence of learning. Students who are in a charter school would graduate from that charter school into secondary education with the assistance of approved vendors. Hence, parents are given the flexibility to meet their child’s needs in numerous ways.

As a final note, being a parent is never easy. There are days that are victorious and those when introspection is a key to growth. Having a deep connection with your child, understanding their specific needs, and being willing to learn alongside them can help parents succeed. The U.S. has a great opportunity to be an educational leader in the world. It does require a paradigm shift in viewing how education and learning takes place. Understanding that there are numerous possibilities and options for children to grow and learn is a starting point. Hence, as children prepare for a new year of learning, understanding that no two students learn the same and providing the best learning environment for children based on their needs – enhances their retention and knowledge.


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Newport Mesa academy NOW OPEN

American Academy of Strategic Education has an additional location! Newport Mesa academy NOW OPEN! Our new academy is located in Newport Beach and is also conveniently adjacent to other nearby cities of Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Santa Ana.

Visiting American Academy is the best way to decide if your child is a fit for our program. We’d love to show you around! Click the button below to schedule your personal tour today.

What to Expect from a Free Tour

Your personal tour guide will begin your visit by taking you on a tour of our academy and introducing you and your child to our students and teachers. You can expect our students to greet you with a smile and handshake. Teachers will stop and say hello.

Next, your guide will share detailed information about our programs and the student experience, including: classes, clubs, field trips, and educational adventure tours as well as the enrollment process, and charter funding. The entire process will be informative and enjoyable. We look forward to getting to know you.

Newport Mesa – Come visit our new location!

American Academy of Strategic Education – Newport Mesa Now Open!

To better serve our homeschooling families in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Orange, Tustin, north Irvine, and other nearby cities, we’ve expanded into a new space. We love our new academy and we have settled in nicely. We can’t wait to see you!

We open 5 days a week even in summer. Call us at (949)371-5785 to schedule a tour or just come by to say hello 🙂


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Spring Open Houses

Join us at our Spring Open Houses for a Night of Fun for the Whole Family!

Bring the whole family and invite your friends and neighbors to join us for fun night! We will be showcasing our current student’s work and want to give prospective families an opportunity to tour our Academy and ask teachers questions about our programs and classes. Pizza dinner will be served. We’ll see you there! RSVP HERE

Academy e-Newsletter Feb 2019

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Introducing Education Adventure Tours

All students are invited to join us next year on an incredible field trip of gigantic proportions to Sacramento or Washington DC! 

Younger children will attend the Sacramento tour chaperoned by a parent, while older children will attend the Washington DC tour and will be chaperoned by teachers and staff members.

Students will prepare for their excursions in our Essential Discourses by participating in projects and discussions. In addition, students will be writing essays, working on projects, and reading select literature prior to departure to prepare for the trip in their Essential Discourses throughout the year. Each student will select one place of interest that is significant to him/her and will become the expert on that location. Each project will build upon each other throughout the year to help him/her become the expert on that location. Each student will share their knowledge with their classmates while on the trip prior to attending that place of interest. This really is once in a lifetime experience. You will not want your child to miss this opportunity.

Please contact our enrollment staff for more details.

Upcoming Education Adventure Tour Destinations:

7-11 year olds (2-day trips)
12+ year olds (5-7 day trips)
Sacramento (2020)
Washington D.C. (2020)
Sequoia National Park (2021)
London, England (2021)
The Grand Canyon (2022)
New York (2022)
Channel Islands (2023)
Puerto Rico (2023)
San Francisco (2024)
China (2024)

Spring Vendor Fair

American Academy Vendor Fair – Friday, March 22, 2019

  • Date/Time: 3/22 (Fri) 2:00pm-4:00pm
  • Place: American Academy of Strategic Education- 28892 Marguerite Pkwy., Suite 260. Mission Viejo, CA (Get direction)

Invite your family and friends. RSVP to receive event raffle tickets for a $100 gift cards and other cool prizes!