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New Friday Electives for Spring 2019

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Marine Megafauna: An Introduction to Marine Science and Conservation

Learn about sea turtles, whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, sharks, giant squid and other large ocean creatures – collectively known as marine megafauna – and what they can tell us about how the ocean works and why it is so important for all life on earth.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Students will use their critical thinking and teamwork skills to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems. They will design their own business plans and meet with local entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Seeing through Photographs 

This class will teach students to not only see photographs, but also understand their meaning and context. We will explore photography as means of artistic expression, as a tool for science and exploration, to tell stories and record histories, and as a mode of communication in our ever increasingly visual culture. Students will create their own photo essay on a subject of their choice.


Join characters Tim and Moby for a curiosity adventure! This educational and entertaining series of videos, quizzes and games are a great way to learn about science, social studies, art, math and more while having fun.

Cutting-edge Education on the Rise

Over the last few years, I’ve seen the mass exodus of children from traditional education settings. I know where they are headed and why they are leaving…

By Angela Hansen, Founder & Director
American Academy of Strategic Education (AASE)

More parents are choosing a non-traditional path for their student’s primary education. A few years ago 1.5 million students were schooling through non-traditional means. Now that number is estimated to be more than 2 million. 

Just ten years ago, homeschooling appeared to be cutting-edge or “alternative” but now is bordering on mainstream. It is the fastest growing form of education in the US. It is also rapidly growing all over the globe (ie. Australia, Canada, France, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and the United Kingdom).

Parents are taking this new route for a variety reasons such as more educational options, more real learning—less fluff, flexible schedules, more privacy from big government, more influence over their child’s curriculum, less influence from teachers with different values, complete control over how /when/where their child learns sex ed., more control over their child’s environment or friends, etc… 

As the number of students leaving public school grows, so do the legislative threats. Government officials in California and local school districts would like nothing more than to take away school choice for children. Parents, state legislators and groups like the Homeschool Legal Defense Association need to remain vigilant and determined to keep our options open.

With public education not going in the direction most parents want, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick warned, “People will pull their kids out [of traditional public education], homeschooling will explode, and private schools will increase.” Looking back, Patrick was prophetic.

I created American Academy as a private academy to support parents in educating their child(ren) the way they best see fit. We go out of our way to provide tons of flexibility. We offer real learning opportunities in our Essential Discourses, our student-led clubs, and our adaptive and personalized online curriculum without wasted time on fluff and behavior management. We do not indoctrinate children with certain political or gender views; we do not teach Sex Ed—we leave that for families to address in a way that matches their parenting philosophies; and because we have a small teacher to student ratio, we get to know our students well. We foster good character development in your children and we are able to support what you are teaching at home.

Thanks for allowing us to partner with you in your child’s education.

Academy e-Newsletter – Jan. 2019

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Academy e-Newsletter 12-19-18

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Introducing World-Language Immersion Program – Coming soon in 2019

LH_componentDate: Thursday, December 13th,
Time: 06:30P – 7:30P
Location: American Academy of Strategic Education
28892 Marguerite Pkwy #210, Mission Viejo, CA 92656

Introducing World Language Immersion Program
at American Academy – Spanish 

Hola! You’re cordially invited to attend American Academy’s informational night where we are proud to introduce our upcoming World-Language Immersion Program. This language hybrid program offers students an opportunity to learn or continue their learning and exploring the exciting language of Spanish.

Whether your child is just beginning or is an advanced Spanish speaker, this event is for you! This is a Free Open House event and everyone is welcome, so please sign up on our RSVP page! This event will take place on 12/13 (Thu) 6:30 – 7:30 p.m for current and prospective parents. Dinner will be served. We hope to see you there!


Academy e-Newsletter 11-15-18

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(November 15, 2018)

Academy e-Newsletter 11-01-18

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World Language Immersion Program – Coming soon

Introducing World Language Immersion Program
at American Academy – Mandarin or Spanish

Our language hybrid program offers students an opportunity to learn or continue their learning and exploring the exciting language of Mandarin Chinese or Spanish.

Our next World-Language Immersion Program Open House will be held on Wednesday, February 27th 6:30P at our Mission Viejo academy. RSVP Now.

If you are interested in this program, please contact us by click HERE

Exciting New PE Program

American Academy would like to announce a new PE Program we are recommending called “Rhinos Athletic Academy.” They are a high-performance athletic training facility that is offering our students a special homeschool program. They will pick up and drop off students at American Academy on Mondays and /or Wednesdays, 1:45-4:45. Their training program is unlike anything we have seen on the open market for students. The closest thing we have seen to this level of expert physical training is on a collegiate or pre-Olympian level. The prices are unbelievable:
$50/month for one day/week
$100/month for 2 days/week
$200/month for 3-6 days /week.

American Academy students will be attending Mondays and/or Wednesdays.

1:45p – pick up at American Academy

2:15p – workout starts

4:15p – workout ends

4:45p – drop off at American Academy

To learn more, please visit our main PE program page

To sign up for a free trial, please call (949) 371-5785 or send an email to admissions@american-academy

*All designated trademarks, photos, and brands shown on the page are the property of Rhinos Athletic Academy.

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