Frequently Asked Questions

What does American Academy of Strategic Education offer?
American Academy offers the following basic services for students grades K through 12th :
1) Supervised Study Time (a.k.a Core Crew) — available from 8:00 AM~3:00 PM Monday~Friday. Students can use our accredited curriculum or they can bring their own.
2) Academic and social CLUBS (a.k.a Club Hub) — 20+ themed CLUBS available throughout the week.
3) Discussion-based learning (a.k.a Essential Discourses) — encourages critical thinking, builds mutual respect, and strengthens communications skills.
4) Friday Electives and Field Trip (a.k.a Enrichment Lab) — a variety of academic and elective classes offered each Friday and optional monthly field trip.
5) Kidspot (Ages 5-7 play-based learning) — Two days a week curriculum focuses on Science, Math, Reading, Writing, Personal Refinement, Teamwork, and Fun.
6) Homework Help (a.k.a Boost) / Tutoring (a.k.a Go-Tutor) — Reasonably priced after-school assistance at your convenience. Schedule upon request.

Does American Academy offer academic curriculum?
Parent’s can select to use American Academy’s recommended curriculum or they may select their own curriculum for their child to study. The curriculum we recommend is standard’s based and covers all core areas, K-12th grade (K~12) including mathematics, social studies, science, language arts, reading, as well as electives and College Board Approved AP (advanced placement) courses and A-G approved courses for students seeking to attend a high-level university. This highly adaptive curriculum is suitable for students who have struggled in every subject to honors students who have never been academically challenged in any subject.

What makes American Academy so effective?
We have found that students need three things to be successful learners:

  • The ability to learn at a pace that works best for their learning style.
  • Authentic and meaningful interactions with peers.
  • Introductions to new subjects and ideas.

American Academy provides opportunities for students to work at their own pace in a quiet space with supervision and guidance.  During student’s 15 minute breaks, students engage in building friendships; work in our Invertor’s Corner on wood-building, arts, and crafts; play ping pong, board games, or brain games; or just take a break from the hard work they have just accomplished. Students can join CLUBS that are of personal interest to them.  They work on leadership and team-building skills as they work together towards a meaningful culminating event that they produce.

Student’s attitudes toward learning improved and their confidence increased when what they are doing and learning is meaningful to them.  Our program takes advantage of the science behind the learning process. We have discovered innovative solutions to teach more effectively and empower students to be college ready and career prepared.

What does a student do during a typical STUDY TIME hour?
Students work independently on their academic cores for the first 45 minutes of Study Time.  Students are encouraged to take a 15-minute constructive break. During break time, students can play brain games, play Ping-Pong, create in the inventor’s corner, build robotics, read in the reader’s lounge, take a snack break, etc.

What does a student do during a typical CLUB hour?
American Academy’s Social and Academic Clubs empower students to learn. Our Clubs provide excellent opportunities for the student leaders to develop and hone their verbal communication skills and apply their cross-curricular knowledge, making real-world connections. Students work collaboratively on a specific subject that inspires them to learn and lead. Students work from a flexible, 18-week (semester) agenda meeting weekly goals to help them reach an ultimate goal that is determined by the club members.  The goal becomes the culminating event for that club at the end of each semester.

What Student-Led Clubs are available at American Academy?
American Academy currently offers a variety of students-leading based clubs such as History Club, Science Club, Math Club, Music/Drama Club, Photography Club, Literature Club, Minecraft Club, Digital Design Club, Robotics Club, Entrepreneurial Club, Film Making Club, Chess & Strategic Games Club, etc. *Not all clubs listed are offered throughout the year.

How much time per week should a student expect to spend at the Academy?
American Academy encourages students and parents to create a schedule that works best for them. American Academy offers Study Time (Core Crew), CLUBS (Club Hub), and After School Classes (Enrichment Lab) Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM. Students who are taking a full course load should plan to spend 14-16 hours per week working on academic courses depending on the student’s ability to focus and the number and type of courses the parent has assigned. It is recommended that students also plan to participate in several clubs and after-school classes.

Is American Academy an approved vendor for my Charter school?
American Academy currently works with a number of charter schools.  We are currently an approved vendor for the following charters: Excel Academy, Inspire Charter School, iLead Schools, Valiant, Summit, National University Academy, and Springs. For more information, please visit our Partnered Charter Schools page.

Is lunch served at American Academy?
Students are required to bring their own snacks and lunches to school (no peanuts). Nutritious and wholesome lunches may be ordered through LUNCH MOB at additional cost.

Is my student required to have his or her own computer?
Students are allowed to bring their personal laptops or tablets for use to study their own assigned curriculum or to use during CLUBs, After School Classes and break time.

Can students work on outside homework?
Yes. American Academy provides a safe learning environment for students to work on any coursework. We strive for maximum flexibility for students and families.

What are the Tuition and Fees?
American Academy is an independent private learning academy offering affordable payment options. Tuition and fees due with application completely fund your child’s education. We do not solicit additional funds, nor do we require any donation of time or service.


4 Days per Week

3 Days per Week 2 Days per Week

1 Day per Week



$57/day $58/day


Registration Fee

$75 (Non-refundable)

Electronics Use Fee


– Tuition is to be paid by the school year only (*36 weeks).
– Charter funds accepted. American Academy accepts charter funds from our affiliated charter schools.
– Time Payment plan is available through Two (2) or Nine (9) installments option. Additional fees may apply.

*For additional questions, please click here or call (949) 371-5785 to speak with one of our admission staff members.

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