Why Parents Should Decide What’s Best For Their Children

If your child is unhappy at school, it’s not too late to pull him/ her out and do something better NOW.

American Academy is a mandate-free, stress-free, flexible alternative to traditional school where parents decide what’s best for their children!

I wanted to give an update on what’s going on at American Academy of Strategic Education. We have had a lot of like-minded parents reach out to us since I recently posted about American Academy not teaching CRT, gender-fluidity, BLM/ Marxism, or sex ed and that we are not required to enforce mask-wearing nor mandate the vaccine like traditional schools will soon be doing. We are not controlled by the teachers unions. We can choose to do what’s best for the children. 

Many people have reached out because of legitimate concerns they have about what is going on in education. I can separate most parents’ concerns into three main categories. The first one being the adverse side effects of the long-term use of masks on students’ health as well as on their learning. The next is the mandate to vaccinate their children with a vaccine that is not much of a safe-guard against the virus and which can cause adverse side effects. The third most common reason parents are contacting us for an alternate education option is the concern they have for their child’s mental health. 

American Academy offers awesome alternatives to all of these concerns. And we do it in a way that works for the whole family. Everything we do is based on what the parents think is best for the child, and best for the family. No mandates, later arrival time (9:00 AM) in the mornings allows for more family time and less stressful mornings, we meet students at their exact ability level and learning pace, and our classes are interesting and engaging and are limited to 8-10 students. We have a proven track record and our students are healthy, well-adjusted, and love learning!

American Academy offers a stress-free, adaptive project-based course subject classes which meet all of the state standards in 2 to 3 days per week. Our teachers are kind and gentle, and they care about each child. Each class is real-world applicable and not filled with hidden political agenda content. We also offer electives such as overcoming obstacles, Life Skills, PE, Fine Arts, Coding, Marine Biology, Passport Around the World, monthly field trips, class holiday parties, and recess. Our classes are small so teachers get to know each child and their needs.

We also work with parents and students to create an individualized learning plan for the days they are not at the academy. At American Academy, 

Let’s break down each of the three concerns I mentioned. 

First, parents are worried about the known and unknown adverse side effects masks are having on students’ health and their learning. I don’t need an experiment or long, drawn out study; I see the results firsthand with the students who come to us from schools that require masks. Children are stressed out! Their anxiety is intense. They are experiencing dental and gum disease, breathing issues, severe fungal acne that is leaving permanent scars, headaches, increased illness, etc. Masks are not as effective at stopping a virus as other scientifically proven measures that don’t adversely affect children. American Academy has taken effective measures to keep children and families safe. We sanitize surfaces, encourage hand-washing and sanitizing, limit class size to an effective and reasonable size, encourage parents to keep sick children home, install HEPA filters, limit contact by scheduling in-person classes only every other day, etc…

Second, there are many parents who are not comfortable with giving their children a vaccine that has not stood the test of time. They do not believe a government agency should tell them what’s best for their children especially when there is no evidence that children are at risk nor that the vaccine is helping abate the illness. At American Academy, we support parents in doing what they think is best for their children. We say, “To each their own.” 

Finally, let’s discuss children’s stress as it relates to academics. Some schools are feverishly trying to catch up students due to being behind because they shut down during COVID. This catch-up is causing a LOT of undue stress on students. American Academy knows there is a better way to catch up students who are behind. We fill in foundational education gaps in a way that does not cause ANY stress. Our approach actually helps the child feel confident and calm. If your child is stressed about catching up, there are better ways than to put this kind of pressure on your child. Take control and take your child out of that environment ASAP. 

On the flip side, there are some children who did NOT get behind during Covid and who are now bored out of their minds in classes where the teacher is taking the entire class backwards a year and a half. This is causing mental anguish and a general disdain for school. American Academy offers unique alternatives to this issue. We offer hands-on project-based classes taught by the most tender and loving teachers, we also offer one-on-one independent study options that are geared to meet each child exactly where they are. No stress, no catching up, no worrying about classmates’ progress. 

If your child is complaining about school, please listen to your children’s concerns. Please reach out to us if your children are expressing anxiety about having to wear masks at school, or if you’re still unsure about the vaccine, or if you’re seeing signs of stress and anxiety about going to class each day, or if they are bored out of their minds while the teachers are catching up students who are behind. Please consider that there is a wonderful alternative at American Academy where children can be assured that their personal and academic needs are going to be met. 

American Academy of Strategic Education was recently awarded the #1 Homeschool Academy in Orange County by ParentingOC. Everything we do revolves around allowing parents to choose what they feel is best for their children. 

We are leaders in innovative homeschool education and we are making a difference in the lives of many of tomorrow’s leaders.

We are enrolling now for students to begin January 2022. Please reach out if you’re interested and would like more information. Email us at info@american-academy.org or call or text 949-371-5785. We look forward to hearing from you.

Angela Hansen
President & Founder
American Academy of Strategic Education