American Academy’s Response to COVID-19

Dear American Academy of Strategic Education Family,

Our “Safety from the Front Door Forward” is our renewed commitment to your safety and health. The academy’s faculty, staff, and administration have been collaborating with medical and operational experts to build a multi-tiered and multi-layered approach that encompasses a number of measures to deliver a safe learning experience for all. We will reopen consistent with applicable state and local orders.

American Academy of Strategic Education’s Safety From the Front Door Forward protections include:

·       Daily health questionnaire is required

·       Taking extra precautions to ensure staff members are healthy 

·       Ensuring clean air and sanitized surfaces

·       Limiting academy entrance to current students only

·       Offering flexible learning options

·       Training all employees on health and safety protocols

Daily health questionnaire is required
We are requiring a health questionnaire to be filled out and turned in each morning. Parents are required to check their child’s temperature each morning and write the temp on the form.

Healthy staff members
For their safety and yours, we do not want our staff to come to work if they are unwell regardless of the illness. Not only do we have policies that require staff to take time off but we will be requiring staff to have their temperature checked prior to coming to work. American Academy teachers are also able to teach remotely if needed. 

Ensuring clean air and surfaces
We will be utilizing hospital grade HEPA air filters. These filters take in fresh air and mix it with indoor air, the indoor air is then filtered through a HEPA filter that is very effective at capturing more than 99% of airborne microbes including the coronavirus. In addition, the indoor air is completely changed about every 4 minutes. We will also continue to sanitize surface areas on an hourly basis and deep clean the academy at the end of each school day. Will continue to promote healthy hygiene practices such as hand washing and hand sanitizing.

Limiting academy entrance to current students only
We will be limiting entrance into the academy to current students. Drop-off and pick-up procedure will entail students being walked to and from the cars once parents have arrived. 

Flexible learning options
We will continue to offer remote learning options for students who need to continue or those who need to restart remote learning due to health or safety concerns. 

Trained staff 
We have trained our staff on health and safety guidelines and practices. American Academy believes that a combination of these precautions will contribute to an overall healthy and safe experience for all students.

American Academy’s Safety from the Front Door Forward policy will continue to evolve as our staff and students’ needs change to assure a comprehensive approach to learning at American Academy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your academy Director, Kristin Frimond or Roman Fernando

I’m sure you are hearing from your friends whose children are attending public school and the stress and the anxiety they are facing regarding public school’s safety guidelines and irregular scheduling. Please tell your friends about American Academy! We need your referrals. Click here for more info on American Academy’s Community Ambassador program.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.


Angela Hansen
Founder & President
American Academy of Strategic Education

American Academy believes that a combination of these precautions will contribute to an overall healthy and safe experience for all students, however, we cannot disinfect all areas of our facility in a manner to eradicate the potential spread of COVID-19. American Academy assumes no responsibility for any injuries or exposure you may receive from the use of our facility.

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