Introducing Education Adventure Tours

All students are invited to join us next year on an incredible field trip of gigantic proportions to Sacramento or Washington DC! 

Younger children will attend the Sacramento tour chaperoned by a parent, while older children will attend the Washington DC tour and will be chaperoned by teachers and staff members.

Students will prepare for their excursions in our Essential Discourses by participating in projects and discussions. In addition, students will be writing essays, working on projects, and reading select literature prior to departure to prepare for the trip in their Essential Discourses throughout the year. Each student will select one place of interest that is significant to him/her and will become the expert on that location. Each project will build upon each other throughout the year to help him/her become the expert on that location. Each student will share their knowledge with their classmates while on the trip prior to attending that place of interest. This really is once in a lifetime experience. You will not want your child to miss this opportunity.

Please contact our enrollment staff for more details.

Upcoming Education Adventure Tour Destinations:

7-11 year olds (2-day trips)
12+ year olds (5-7 day trips)
Sacramento (2020)
Washington D.C. (2020)
Sequoia National Park (2021)
London, England (2021)
The Grand Canyon (2022)
New York (2022)
Channel Islands (2023)
Puerto Rico (2023)
San Francisco (2024)
China (2024)