Exciting New PE Program

American Academy would like to announce a new PE Program we are recommending called “Rhinos Athletic Academy.” They are a high-performance athletic training facility that is offering our students a special homeschool program. They will pick up and drop off students at American Academy on Mondays and /or Wednesdays, 1:45-4:45. Their training program is unlike anything we have seen on the open market for students. The closest thing we have seen to this level of expert physical training is on a collegiate or pre-Olympian level. The prices are unbelievable:
$50/month for one day/week
$100/month for 2 days/week
$200/month for 3-6 days /week.

American Academy students will be attending Mondays and/or Wednesdays.

1:45p – pick up at American Academy

2:15p – workout starts

4:15p – workout ends

4:45p – drop off at American Academy

To learn more, please visit our main PE program page

To sign up for a free trial, please call (949) 371-5785 or send an email to admissions@american-academy

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