After-school classes are a vital part of your child’s well-rounded education. America’s next generation of employees and entrepreneurs are growing up right now. Many exciting school classes have been slashed from school schedules due to budget cuts and time constraints placed on teachers to adequately prepare students for mandatory state testing. School has become boring and meaningless to many students.  Afterschool classes help young people discover new passions and motivate them to work towards their dreams.

Students with a variety of interests, ages, and abilities can enjoy the benefits of afterschool classes. Many classes focus on social and emotional learning, teamwork and communications skills, and exploring new subjects.

Potential colleges like to see students who have a variety of interests and who are well rounded academically and socially. Students might choose to take electives that they don’t have room for in their school schedule, or classes that give them concrete experience that will benefit them in future jobs. Afterschool classes help students discover potential career pathways by connecting students to real-world problems and guiding students to build the foundational skills that will benefit them in school and when they enter the workforce.

In American Academy of Strategic Education’s elementary, middle, and high school afterschool classes, students learn to work collaboratively while participating in exciting hands-on activities.

Academic electives include classes such as visual and performing arts. STEAM classes include courses in robotics and web design, and foreign language classes include Mandarin and Spanish. American Academy of Strategic Education also offers fun electives such as ukulele and cake decorating. To recommend a new class topic, please email suggestions to

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