Our Kidspot learning activities are designed to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure that your child becomes a happy and confident individual. Our Kidspot program focuses on foundational knowledge particularly in reading and mathematics through engaging activities.

GRADES 2 – 3

Our Bridge program was developed to support students’ progression to the Academy program through an individualized approach. Students enjoy developing new skills such as researching and discussing ideas and concepts in a meaningful way. Students also begin creating and designing sections of teacher-guided projects.

GRADES 4 – 8

Our Academy program is divided by age and ability level into Essential Discourse 2 and Essential Discourse 3. Learning needs continue to change from child to child and so too must our approach to their education. Students continue to enjoy developing more advanced research skills and discussing ideas and concepts at a more profound level.

GRADES 9 -12

High School students enjoy a great deal of flexibility in creating their schedule and selecting their curriculum on the pathway to graduation. Students may select an independent study curriculum from a variety of WASC accredited and NCAA approved sources such as charter schools, independent study programs, and colleges.

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