Supervised Indepedent Study

Just a few hours a week Core Crew will help students become independent, self-motivated learners. Each Core Crew session consists of 45 minutes of focused academic study time with the support and supervision of a certified teacher and 15 minutes of social, interactive, creative exploration free-time. Students can use our accredited curriculum or they can bring their own.

Social & Academic Clubs

A Perfect Place for Students to Interact with Other Like-Minded Students! American Academy’s Club Hub – social and academic student-led clubs provide excellent opportunities for students to develop their verbal communication skills, develop their leadership talents, apply their cross-curricular knowledge, and…

Play-based learning (Ages 5~8)

Kidspot meets every Friday. Our Kidspot activities are designed to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure that your child becomes a happy and confident individual. Research shows that children experience genuine and natural learning when they are having fun.


My Take on “Trying to be Perfect is Killing Our Teens and We’re to Blame”

Angela Hansen Founder and Director, American Academy of Strategic Education Original Article: Melissa Fenton, author of the blog “Grown and Flown” discusses the recent student suicide that has shed light on the mounting pressure placed on high school students to…

After-School Classes Build Workforce Skills

“How do we sufficiently prepare today’s students to enter the future labor market as adults?” This is a question that has perplexed experts for the past two decades. Currently, more than 1 in 3 workers believe that they do not…

Next-generation students benefit from after-school classes

After-school classes are a vital part of your child’s well-rounded education. America’s next generation of employees and entrepreneurs are growing up right now. Many exciting school classes have been slashed from school schedules due to budget cuts and time constraints…


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