At American Academy, we believe that children deserve to feel safe, included and engaged in their learning communities and to look forward to coming to campus every day! We are a small private learning academy for grades K-12 designed to prepare students for the changing world while offering a caring, supportive environment. We support parents in educating their children the way they feel is best and work as a team to design each child’s Strategic Educational Plan so that students can experience learning that is aligned to California State Standards and targeted to their individual needs.

American Academy teaches standard foundational knowledge in a traditional, teacher-led classroom of 8-12 students which is complemented by innovative project-based classes designed to introduce students to solving real-world problems. We also incorporate guided independent study and Life Skills classes to help prepare students to excel in college and be leaders in their careers. Monthly field trips for the entire family are scheduled with a special curriculum tailored to support and enhance off-campus learning.

American Academy follows the traditional academic calendar and students may attend 3, 4 or 5 days a week with optional Summer Camps. Student’s daily schedule consists of academic classes, critical thinking skills, project based learning, clubs and tutoring, lunch/ recess, games, and socializing. We are honored to have been an integral part of hundreds of Orange County families’ educational journeys and can’t wait to be a part of yours!

Strategic education begins with knowing our families and our students. We learn about what they need to be successful and what makes learning most enjoyable. After a thorough exploratory meeting, we create and introduce a personalized strategic learning plan. When we are creating your child’s plan, we use ​​techniques designed to measure the characteristic patterns of traits of students. We strive to ​​understand how each student communicates and relates to others, what they value and how they make decisions, and what they hope to pursue.